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Beet Equipment

Beet Equipment

Northside Welding offers a wide variety of help with the consumable components of your beet equipment.

  • Over time, the spindle on the beet strut can become flattened, causing an undesirable opening at the pinch point of the wheel. With the removal of the wheels, hubs and bearings, the original pinch point can be obtained on the spindle. Occasionally, due to fatigue in the metal, these spindles can break, requiring the removal and installation of new spindles.
  • Reconditioning of the puller wheel itself can also assist in the correct pinch point. The outside rings will wear with time and usage, and eventually begin to break. This can be repaired by removing the worn ring, pressing the spokes of the wheel back to the correct position and the installation of a new ring (made from 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ high carbon steel).
  • Northside Welding can also assist with worn grab rolls and smooth rolls, whether it is as simple as replacing the 3/4″ wrap, replacing a worn or broken drive shaft, or replacing the entire roll. It is also recommended that the 3/4″ wrap be hard surfaced with abrasion resistant material.
  • Bent grab and smooth rolls straightened back to within acceptable limits.