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About Us

In 1975, Dee Wheeler, with a personal desire to provide service to the community, opened a small mobile welding service in Paul, Idaho, to meet the needs of the farmers on the “North Side”. With a single service truck and welder, he spent his days responding to calls throughout the area. Long evenings were spent along with his father, Mearl, pouring floor, laying cinderblock, and welding roof trusses, as construction of their shop took place. In February of 1976, Northside Welding Service officially opened its doors for business. Mearl had brought his family to the Paul area in 1959, leaving behind a blacksmith shop in Arco, Idaho. Dee graduated from Minico High School in Rupert, Idaho in 1962 and thereafter started working for Joe Bauer (Bauer Welding and Equipment). That business sold to Bruce Neibaur, becoming Neibaur Equipment, then Idaho Norland, and eventually Kodiak Northwest. The combined welding and blacksmithing experience was a perfect fit for the community, and Northside Welding Service established itself in the community.

As farming practices and equipment changed, the blacksmithing needs diminished. Mearl semi retired in the mid 1980’s, but returned when the need arose, usually in the heat of the summer, to light the gas forge and put on his blacksmith cap. Dee continued on as sole owner. As business grew, additional employees were added to the crew. With this came the satisfaction of not only serving the community, but also providing a way for employees to earn a living and support a family. Dee’s philosophy was “We don’t just build equipment, we build character”.

With the continued success and demands of the business, along with a crew of six full time employees, it grew to be more than Dee wanted by himself. In 1989, he approached Richard Stimpson, whom he had known in high school, about forming a possible partnership. Richard was farming in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, and managing the water for Farm Development Corporation. It caught his eye; he sold the farm and moved his family back to Rupert, Idaho.

During their 19 year partnership, many needs of the community changed. Additional industries came to the area, making it necessary to expand services offered by the business. However, the main purpose of the business is still to provide a service to the agricultural industry in the community, although the community has grown to include several surrounding communities in several surrounding states.

In 2008, Dee and Richard hung up their coveralls and sold their shares to their sons, Todd and Rick. They continue to build upon the foundation set by their fathers in providing well built custom equipment that meets the demands of the local growers. As second and third generation owners, they enjoy continued service to the second and third generation customers, while welcoming new customers as the business continues to grow and expand.

In 2016, Rick left the business to pursue other opportunities. Todd, along with the employees of Northside Welding, continue to work diligently to meet the growing needs of the agricultural community.  Although ownership has changed over the years, the company continues forward on the same principles it was founded upon in 1975.